The team

Stephane Strobl

Head cook and craft bottle washer, he chops, grates, simmers and mixes according to his inspiration, and with his team he "speaks softly and carries a big baguette". World famous for his lovely green eyes.


Girl Friday and fine wordsmith. Can be relied upon to come up with a good pun.


Her natural personality brings a delicious touch of zenitude to the kitchen, but best not scr*w with her, or else……


prefers to remain discreet here. But we have it on good authority that she paints the town red every weekend.


Labeling and preparing your order !


"RueTRAVERSETTE Bonjour" that’s her! A unique voice. She’ll be applying to be a train announcer next….


Speaks 12 languages, is a black belt in yoga and unbeatable at Pictionary.

The recipe for success

Take a dose of cheerfulness, lots of talent, add team spirit, a profound sense of humanity, and mix with love, a whole lotta love…….

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