Pour Homme

110g Jar (4 oz)


Because we like to play around with stereotypes, we mixed leeks, carrots, onions, asparagus (symbols of ‘manhood’ and virility), a spot of ginger (of course), and a dash of white wine (a bit of finesse never goes amiss). Best on a chunk of wholemeal bread for a tasty mouthful.


Leeks (33%), carrots (32%), onions (16%), asparagus (8%), olive oil, white wine, ginger (2.2%),
salt, honey, vinegar, garlic semolina, pepper, turmeric. May contain traces of nuts.

  • Valeurs Nutritionnelles

    Déclaration nutritionnelle pour 100 g  (en gr)
    Energie en Kcal 66
    Energie en Kj 278
    Matières grasses  3,06
    dont acides gras saturés 0,5
    Glucides 6,73
    dont sucres 3,34
    Protéines 1,26
    Sel 1,49
  • Sans additif, sans conservateur et sans gluten!

Delivery within France 6€90, other countries 15€60.