Mediterranean preserved lemons

260g jar


Fennel, rosemary, and thyme flowers are just some of our own selection of ingredients fresh from the Mediterranean scrubland that we use to perfume our organic lemons prepared with salt. Perfect for tagines, fish and white meat dishes or mussels.


Cooking advice : Perfectly accompanies white meat, fish, sea food or to prepare original salads. Add it at the end of cooking. Think of using the oil of the jar.


Ingredients : Organic lemons, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, thym, fennel, pepper, salt, baies roses, spices, vinegar. May contain traces of nuts.

  • Valeurs Nutritionnelles

    Déclaration nutritionnelle pour 100 g  (en gr)
    Energie en Kcal 504
    Energie en Kj 2113
    Matières grasses  55,98
    dont acides gras saturés 7,73
    Glucides 0,12
    dont sucres 0,04
    Protéines 0,03
    Sel 2,77
  • Sans additif, sans conservateur et sans gluten!

  • Vegan

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