Languedoc Tartine

110g jar (4 oz)


The biggest vineyard in theworld : so wine was naturally an indispensable ingredient.With sweet onions, turnip and tarragon, this Tartine has greattaste and lots of colour – just like its native Languedoc ! (where we are !) A really original creation with lots of emotion well suited to moments of conviviality – try it on grilled bacon…..


Serving advice : Savor spread on bread as an appetizer, to accompany grilled meat, or as a garnish for pasta, rice and potatoes, or spread in a sandwich.


Ingredients : Sweet onion (51%), tomato, turnip, toasted almonds, red wine (10%), olive oil, salt, grape, tarragon, thyme, pepper, bay leaves. May contain traces of nuts.

  • Nutrition Facts

    Nutritional Values for 100 g 
    Energy in Kcal 43
    Energy in Kj 182
    Fat 1,28
         of which saturates 0,16
    Carbohydrates 4,82
         of which sugars 3,46
    Protein 1,72
    Salt 0,36
  • No preservatives and Gluten-free!

  • Vegan

Delivery within France 6€90, other countries 15€60.