Fennel - with dry-roast peanuts

90g jar (3oz)


Cream of fennel roasted in olive oil with a few select spices; a pretty simple base to which we’ve added dry- roast peanuts just before blending. It’s a really awesome combination that won’t fail to brighten up your aperitifs, and will go equally well with white meats or grilled fish. Try it with a baked salmon fillet “en papillote”. Guaranteed success.


Fennel (79%), olive oil, grilled raw peanut (5%), lemon, white wine, honey, salt, pepper, tandoori, turmeric. May contain traces of nuts.

  • Valeurs Nutritionnelles

    Déclaration nutritionnelle pour 100 g  (en gr)
    Energie en Kcal 127
    Energie en Kj 532
    Matières grasses  10,14
    dont acides gras saturés 1,57
    Glucides 4,76
    dont sucres 2,96
    Protéines 2,49
    Sel 0,74

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